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Our purpose is to invest in good ideas, build high-growth, job creating, wealth generating companies that will help people experience financial well-being, and together empower the communities to rise – today and for generations to come.

Our Investments

Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., provides comprehensive product portfolios to hospitals, aiming to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Our mission is to make Cameroon known for quality healthcare and extend our know-how to other Sub-Saharan countries.
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YourTravel Ltd., is a luxury mobility intercity bus service focusing on providing passengers and other intercity bus service firms with quality buses: comfort, safe, soft plus added tailored support services. Our mission is to make Cameroon known for quality intercity bus service.
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SoilSource Ltd., is an Engineering Services and Consulting firm focusing on: civil engineering, infrastructure, natural resources and renewable energy. Our mission is to use our engineering performance to contribute to the development of Cameroon ensuring our business success and development of our communities must not be attained at the cost of the environment.
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MAGNETransit Ltd., is a pure-service-system company serving businesses in the domain of logistic of goods – consulting, custom clearing, transportation, handling and delivery.
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Gima-Bambot investments

We are a Holding company

About Us

We turn good idea(s) into thriving businesses.

Gima-Bambot Inc.,Ltd., is a holding company that has established an internal venture fund, partly to provide a radar system for emerging good ideas. Our primary focus is on good ideas, that will grow into thriving businesses.

As Government works hard to strike the right balance between the needs of businesses and citizens, Gima-Bambot Inc.,Ltd., positions itself as a strong partner of Government where there is intersection.

Our Partners

We are building businesses with them

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Good Idea(s) is a startup idea(s). We are conscious of the fact that startup ideas are worthless!!!

Gima-Bambot Inc.,Ltd., works hard to recruit or select a group of incredibly talented people and forge strong partnerships with other businesses to derisk and polish good idea(s), transforming the original idea(s) to realistic beautiful ideas, some of which may lead to thriving businesses.

The success of the investments and businesses we create depend largely on the partnerships we forge – sometimes even with the very firms we are competing with.

The Natural Pattern …

A successful business is a living thing. Therefore, like all living things it has a pattern. Gima-Bambot Inc.,Ltd., masters this pattern reason why it is a thriving Startup Machine taking each good idea(s) right through to a matured company.

  1. The First Stage is writing down the good idea on paper – sowing the seed, the economy in an early stage.
  2. Second Stage is recruiting a group of incredibly talented people that will deploy their skills and craftsmanship to transform the original idea(s) into a beautiful idea(s) leading to a thriving business or great company.
  3. The Third Stage is building and reiterating a hypothetical business model from customer experience perspective.
  4. Fourth Stage is building the company – customer development, continuous twisting and adjusting the business model…
First Stage

The magical moment, the right idea – sowing the seed, the economy in an early stage.

Second Stage

The adventure starts here – Hiring people, a Spiritual Exercise and transforming the original idea into a thriving business.

Third Stage

Search-mode: searching for a business model from customer experience feedback.

Fourth Stage

Building the company – Second Hiring. Execution, Execution, Execution…


Our collaborators reviews

Since 2014, Gima Gweningom has been an amazing business mentor and advisor. What I find particularly fascinating about him is the patience and the time taken to actually understand the nature of your business – asking the right question to provoke critical thinking. His customer-first approach, keen eye for detail and long-term approach make him an incredible advisor on product and market development. His experience as a successful entrepreneur is what every business leader needs in order to navigate the entrepreneurial journey ahead. He knows how to communicate, inspire and motivate. His passion, experience, and willingness to collaborate with startup founders has helped me to be a better leader and entrepreneur. Because a company is a shadow of one man, the creation of Gima-Bambot Inc., Ltd. in 2017 is not a surprise to me and it is Gima’s shadow. Gima-Bambot Inc.,Ltd., is really a Startup Machine. I strongly encourage or advise any founder or entrepreneur with a startup idea who wants to build a great business to contact Gima-Bambot Inc.,Ltd. ”.
Oliver Fomunung

Creating and growing a company around a beautiful idea is our thing...

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Dedicated entrepreneurial-oriented government

Our core value is that we believe a dedicated entrepreneurial-oriented government can improve the lives of her citizens by being the key driver of innovation-led growth, taking on bold strategic transformational public investments with mission-oriented policies aimed at thinking big.

We continue to invest and serve more people, find new and innovative ways to help them achieve financial well-being. We therefore advocate sustainable and responsible business practices.

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Details about our work


March 2, 2023

Restructuring of Gima-Bambot International Ltd.


March 2, 2023

Extension of Hemodialysis Center – Hôpital Général de Douala (HGD). Douala – Littoral Region. Cameroon.


March 2, 2023

New Hemodialysis Center – Hôpital Régional de Bafoussam – Western Region. Cameroon.


March 2, 2023

New Hemodialysis Center – Hôpital Régional de Ngaoundéré – Adamawa Region. Cameroon.

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